Why Us?

At 3Forces Inc, we demand whatever we do be socially sustainable, responsible, and possible. We manage several business units to deliver happiness and value to anyone that comes to our platforms. We do not insert ads or collect unnecessary personal data. On each business unit’s website, we want you to have a peaceful and purposeful space. No forced ads, period. We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

When a site is free but they force you to watch ads or sell your personal data, it really is not free anymore. Your time and privacy are precious. At 3Forces, there are no forced ads and we do not sell your data. If you like what you see or use, we ask you to pay a few pennies to our platform and the content producer. It is good for you, for us, and the producer. It is fair. It is sustainable, responsible, and making our business possible. is protected by US Patent Number: 11,025,989. is protected by US Patent Number: 11,176,569